Tremolo Classical Guitar Technique on an Electric Guitar

I always liked how the classical guitar technique known as tremolo sounds on an electric guitar with a slight touch of saturation and delay.

This is from Progeny, a song I wrote for my band Helium Horse Fly and that is available on the album Hollowed here:

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Helium Horse Fly – Live at Blend Studio

While waiting for Hollowed to be released we (Helium Horse Fly) had some time on our hands, so we went back to Blend Studio (where we recorded the album) with a few video cameras and filmed live versions of almost all songs that are on Hollowed (Happiness, In A Deathless Spell, Algeny and Monochrome), plus an older song from our eponymous album (Surgery Plains).

Here are the videos:

A huge thank you to Xavier Dromard who recorded, mixed and mastered this, to Farid Agjij, Sébastien Augier and Pierre-Michel Chevigné who filmed it, and to Nicolas Chevailler for helping us with the video edit.

New Helium Horse Fly record is out now!

Excited about being able to write this: the new Helium Horse Fly record, Hollowed is out now!

Hollowed is available in vinyl, CD and digital on our Bandcamp page. You can also stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and all major music streaming platforms.

Here’s the record’s full tracklist:

  1. Happiness 6’02
  2. In A Deathless Spell 14’20
  3. Algeny 8’32
  4. Progeny 4’26
  5. Monochrome 11’40
  6. Shelter 2’28

Very proud of releasing this record today. We also have a few things to share in the next weeks, so stay tuned for more announcements soon!

New Helium Horse Fly record announced

I’m thrilled to announce that the new Helium Horse Fly album Hollowed is now available for preorder on Bandcamp.

Hollowed will be available on January 18 2019 in vinyl, CD and digital, as well as on Spotify, iTunes and all major music streaming platforms.

Here’s the first track of the album, Happiness:

I’m really excited about this new record and can’t wait to share the full release next month!

Next Helium Horse Fly record // Complete Ear Trainer video

I’m currently hard at work on the next Helium Horse Fly record, and we’re doing things differently this time, with more production time and more work at home. I’m discovering that I really enjoy the process of making a record much more that way: having time to try things, to record and edit the guitars myself, etc. Details on the record coming soon.

About Complete Ear Trainer, I wrote and played a small piece of piano for a promotional video a few months ago, here it is:

Helium Horse Fly

My band Helium Horse Fly (www.heliumhorsefly.comjust released its first LP. It is available digital/CD digipak here:

Experimental rock, venomous noise music, progressive baroque hardcore, putting a label on this unusual band is no easy task. A crossroads that brings together diametrically opposed worlds and bridges the gap between extremes, led by a female voice at a cross between incantation and lyricism, Helium Horse Fly offers a musical journey that oscillates between tense breathing spells and cathartic violence.